Alpha Research was established in 1994 aiming at the development and production of blood flow devices and its first class III medical device, a highly flexible vascular prosthesis.
Successively the product range was expanded according to new needs.
Since 2003 absorbable implants complete the product line.
Besides the constant development of new products, new expertise was acquired through the implementation of a process and quality management in 1998. A new area of business thus opened up and Alpha Research became actively involved into strategic planning and development of governmental clinic projects in worldwide co-operations.
To streamline these activities a subsidiary, Capital Health Hospital Group CHHG GmbH was founded in 2008. Besides the above-mentioned activities, this subsidiary holds key knowledge in international patient management and runs its own medical cabinets at Friedrichstrasse Berlin, where domestic and foreign patients are taken care of.
Since 2013 Alpha Research provides IT Solutions for medical cabinets and hospital units in order to streamline data and documentation needs.
Innovation is a key concern and the manifold fields of expertise are constantly reviewed and adapted to our customer’s requirements.