In recent years, the focus of advertising for medical services has greatly shifted from print to the online advertising market. This is a clear sign that internet advertising of medical services allows good results at lowest cost per participating customer.

Moreover internet has become an accepted and simple daily tool for effective information collection and therefore it is essential for medical centers to be well represented in this medium.

Design of Websites

Our webmasters and SEO specialists are developing solutions which ensure a successful representation of the company, their subsidiaries and partners on the Internet by developing efficient designs with an intuitive interface and navigation structure. Our main task is to reach customers not over superficial visual stimuli, but by putting across coherent and plausible information.

Search engine optimization (SEO) and promotion of websites

The goal of search engine optimization is to move up to the first page of a search results and to be listed in the top ten of the rankings. Reaching a good ranking in search results is a long-term but very promising task and not accomplished overnight.
This ranking is not achieved by a good contextual advertising, but earned in a continuous process. Thus, we focus not only on improving the high-frequency queries to increase sales but account for it already in preparing the semantic core for low-frequency queries, thus opting for safe buyers.